HTTPClient 1.0 10 Jul 2006

About the API

Highly portable API written in C that implements the client side of the HTTP 1.1 Protocol as Defined in RFC 2616,2617. Can be easily ported to any platform that supports standard C calls and Berkeley sockets. The current code exposes a clean and simple API that can be easily integrated into any project that requires HTTP support. At its current stage the API supports basic and digest authentication methods, proxy, fragmented (chunked) data transfer and other aspects of the protocol. the TCP operation in this project are all asynchronous and hence make it possible to set timeouts for the various operations.


The HTTPClient API includes:

* "API" Subdirectory: Implementation of HTTP 1.1 Protocol along with the Digest and Basic authentication schemas.
* HTTPClientSample.c: a simple demonstration of the API capabilities. This is a command line utility.
* MSVC project that uses the API to preform HTTP Get and retrieve a requested url.


If you have any problems with HTTPClient then please take the following steps

* Download the current snapshot from SourceForge to see if the problem has already been addressed
* See if this problem is not a known issue with the current release.
* Remove compiler optimization flags

If you wish to report a bug then please include the following information in any bug report:

* HTTPClient version.
* OS Name, Version, Hardware platform
* Compiler Details (name, version)
* Application Details (name, version)
* Problem Description (steps that will reproduce the problem, if known)
* Stack Traceback (if the application dumps core)

Report the bug to the HTTPClient author e-mail: